Kaoru Hirano - Memory and History

Jul. 22(Sun)-Sep. 24(Mon), 2018

The “Hiraku Project” is conceived as a series of exhibitions introducing contemporary artworks by Pola Art Foundation Grant recipients. The exhibitions are to be held at the Atrium Gallery, recently established to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Pola Museum of Art. “Hiraku” translates as ‘open,’ in the sense of ‘responsive to new possibilities.’
We are pleased to present Hirano Kaoru’s Memory and History as the fifth exhibition in our HIRAKU Project.




Left, Center:《untitled –rain DDR–》2014, Material: umbrella, Installation view : tim|State Textil and Industry Museum Augsburg Photo by Felix Weinold
Right:《untitled –rain DDR–》2014, Material: umbrella, Installation view : Arts Maebashi, Gunma Photo by Shinya KIGURE