Special Exhibition Course Menu ”A Paris Street Corner in 1925”


This simple course meal takes its inspiration from a French bistro. Sit back and enjoy the spirit of Paris. a century ago, an age that saw the blossoming of new border- and genre-crossing forms of art and culture.





Available from December 16th.


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Spinach and Bacon Quiche with Salad


Savor the rich aroma of the cheese and the texture ofthe fragrant dough as you tuck into this traditional-style Quiche Lorraine, accompanied by a salad.

<Main Dish>


Stewed Lamb and Vegetables with Couscous


Relish this lamb shoulder, slowly and gently stewed with spices, chickpeas, and vegetables, along couscous and spicy harissa chili paste.


Bread or Rice


Paris-Brest with Vanilla Ice Cream


Paris-Brest, a ring-shaped pastry, was apparently inspired by a cycling race between the eponymousFrench cities. Fruit with a tart berry flavor and custard cream are sandwiched between the delicate choux dough.


Coffee, Black Tea or Herb Tea
*Black tea and herb tea are served in a pot.