Soñar dentro de la tierra 2021 Acrylic on canvas 45cm x 106.7cm Collection of the artist ©︎Anri Okada

The “Hiraku Project” is conceived as a series of exhibitions introducing contemporary artworks by Pola Art Foundation Grant recipients. The exhibitions are to be held at the Atrium Gallery, recently established to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Pola Museum of Art. “Hiraku” translates as ‘open,’ in the sense of ‘responsive to new possibilities.’ We are pleased to present Anri Okada’s [Soñar dentro de la tierra] as the 11th exhibition in our HIRAKU Project.

The highlight of this exhibition is a mural installation comprised of 33 canvases measuring 75x75cm. The mural, approximately 3m high by 10m wide, is set in a fantastic forest inspired by the land of Mexico, where shapes of plants, creatures, and human beings intermingle.


Natural features and environment, that is, the theme of the relationship between nature and life, are something that Okada has pursued as the main interest. The title of the exhibition, “Dreaming in the soil (=Soñar dentro de la tierra)”, represents that the artist’s personal theme took a new turn through her stay in Mexico, where the rich culture nurtured from the prehistoric era still remains.


This exhibition focuses on installations of the latest 33 works produced in Mexico, along with other paintings and three-dimensional works.


After studying in Mexico and Guatemala, Okada began to draw while wandering back and forth between the culture and customs of the land she visited, extraordinary scenes, and indigenous myths and poems. Through the travels and life with thinking about all things in the universe, Okada is worried about modern society and questions how to face nature. Appreciating her colorful paintings and installations will evoke a primitive feeling that has been dormant in the viewer. Please enjoy the experience.

Anri Okada



1989 Born in Saitama, Japan

2013 Graduated from Department of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts

2014–2015 Taller Rufino Tamayo Oaxaca, Mexico(Ishibashi Foundation International scholarship)

2016 Completed Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts

2016–2017 Instituto Artes Plásticas in Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico (Fellowship, Pola Art Foundation)

2019- Enrolled in Doctoral Course at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

HP https://anriokada.wixsite.com/anri-okada

El yo y el Yo


Acrylic on canvas 60×50cm

©︎Anri Okada

Voice of a Dense Forest


Acrylic on canvas 131×162cm

©︎Anri Okada

About the structure of the human mind


Acrylic on canvas 60×50cm

©︎Anri Okada


Anri Okada

Soñar dentro de la tierra

Apr. 17(Sun), 2021 – Sep 5(Sun), 2021

Organized by:Pola Museum of Art, Pola Art Foundation

Venue: Atrium Gallery, Pola Museum of Art