Special Exhibition Course Menu 《An Invitation to Zipang》


We are pleased to offer a multi-course meal that draws inspiration from the works of contemporary Nihonga painters and blends Japanese and Western ingredients in enticing new ways. Savor an El Dorado of flavor that enchants from the first bite and delivers a full palette of palate-pleasing sensations.




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Salad-Style Amberjack Mariné with Aromatic Kabosu


Inspired by  Riusuke Fukahori’s Hinona, amberjack is marinated with kabosu citrus, bringing fresh fruit fragrance and sumptuous fish together in a match made in heaven.

<Main Dish>


Beef Fillet Sauté with Miso-Infused Red Wine Sauce


Lean beef fillet is sautéed to perfection and served with a hearty miso-infused red wine sauce.

This dish is inspired by Natsunosuke Mise’s Japanes Painting.


Bread or Rice



Pear Gelee and Tofu Mousse with a Touch of Salt


Inspired by Motoi Yamamoto’s Shrouded in time, our pear gelee is made with Hakone sake and served with a tofu mousse. Meringue with a hint of salt tops it off with the perfect accent.



Coffee, Black Tea or Herb Tea

*Black tea and herb tea are served in a pot.