Philippe Parreno: Places and Spaces

2024.06.08 — 2024.12.01
June 8, 2024 – December 1, 2024



Pola Museum of Art, Gallery 1,2,5 and Outdoor



Pola Museum of Art, Pola Art Foundation





Philippe Parreno is a prominent figure in French contemporary art and one of the most significant artists working today. He employs a wide range of media including film, sound, sculpture, objects, text, and drawing, while maintaining a consistent focus on boundaries between reality, the fictional, and the hypothetical. He also interrogates concepts of art and authorship, collaborating with numerous artists, architects, and musicians.


While incorporating advanced technologies such as AI into his works, Parreno also playfully manipulates familiar objects such as pianos, lamps, window blinds and balloons, creating dream-like situations in which dynamism and silence, humor and critique intersect. Parreno takes an exhibition itself as a medium, and here he meticulously transforms the space of the Pola Museum of Art into a labyrinth of symbols, where the spectral presence, voices, lights, darkness, hidden messages configure a dramatic sequence. Stepping into a venue resembling a large-scale theatrical set, we find ourselves immersed in experiences that bring both unprecedented wonder and confusion, as if we were involved in his attempt as performers.


The Pola Museum of Art is pleased to present one of Parreno’s largest solo exhibitions in Japan, encompassing his diverse practice ranging from early works of the 1990s to an installation unveiled for the first time, with his well-known film Marilyn among the highlights.