Western Paintings and Glass Works

2023.07.12 — 2023.12.03


Wed., July 12 – Sun., December 3, 2023



Exhibition room 5

In this exhibition, we introduce Western paintings, prints, and glass works from the collection of the Pola Museum of Art.


Since ancient times, painters have carefully observed familiar people and models to make a diverse range of portraits. The French Impressionists Berthe Morisot and Pierre Auguste Renoir captured individualistic gestures and expressions with their nimble brushstrokes. Then, in the 20th century, painters moved further away from realistic depiction, freely approaching the human body and facial features, and exploring new artistic possibilities.


Natural landscapes overflowing with light are another subject that fascinates painters. Claude Monet’s technique of using divided brushstrokes and unmixed paint resulted in vibrant scenes made up of highly saturated colors. In the 1960s, Joan Mitchell moved to a place along the Seine, an area where Monet had once lived, and began to depict landscapes with brilliantly colored, abstract images. Abstract painting, marked by the absence of realistic expression, eventually led to the unparalleled practice of Gerhard Richter.


In addition, please enjoy viewing the multiple layers of color conveyed in a selection of glass works based on scenery and botanical motifs.

Claude Monet Water Lily Pond, 1899, Pola Museum of Art

Emile Gallé, Stoppered Bottle with Seashell and Water-weed Design, ca. 1889, Pola Museum of Art