New Acquisition: Mary Cassatt At the Theater

2023.07.12 — 2023.12.03


Wed., July 12 – Sun., December 3, 2023



Exhibition room 4



After receiving a traditional art education in Pennsylvania, the American-born painter Mary Cassatt (1844–1926) moved to France to realize her dream of working in Paris. A meeting with Edgar Degas (1834–1917) led to her involvement with the Impressionist movement, which at the time was the latest trend in the art world. As a result, she came to focus primarily on painting people. As suggested by the fact that she collected ukiyo-e prints and folding screens in later years, Cassatt was also extremely fond of Japanese art, and her work clearly displays the influence of Japonism.


At the Theater, a new acquisition, is a work that apparently deals with a Paris Opera house. To the Impressionists, who stood at the forefront of a new artistic style and depicted scenes from modern life, the theater was both the site of stage performances and a social meeting place, where the new bourgeoisie engaged in lively exchanges. This made the theater a perfect theme for the artists. In addition to providing some historical context through a number of related works, the exhibition showcases Cassatt’s At the Theater for the first time at this museum.

Mary Cassatt, At the Theater, ca.1878-1879, Pola Museum of Art

Edgar Degas, In the Dance Foyer, ca. 1884, Pola Museum of Art