Interior Visions: From Bonnard to Tillmans and Contemporary Artists

2023.01.28 — 2023.07.02

Dates: Sat., January 28, 2023 – Sun., July 2 , 2023

Open every day while exhibition is on view


Venue: Pola Museum of Art, Galleries 1 and 3



Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, our lifestyles have dramatically changed. It has become necessary to spend much time in the indoor space of “rooms.” This keeps us safe but sometimes also leads to feelings of isolation and alienation from the outside world. Close relationships, critical in everyday life, have been crucial for enduring repetitive routine in closed spaces.


Featuring inspired visions of “rooms” expressed by artists from the 19th century to the present day, this exhibition examines personal experiences and expectations associated with rooms. The creative visions of the artists offer us a new perspective on our lives that have been subtly transformed by the confined world of rooms.