Museum Shop

The Museum Shop offers Pola Museum of Art original merchandise along with a wide range of special art-themed products. You can surely find a tasteful souvenir or gift from among the 2000 items stocked in the two gift shops within the Museum. There are herbal teas and honey from France, imported sweets, Hakone crafts and various small items, as well as aroma accessories, post cards, mug cups, and over 200 types of well-designed original Pola Museum of Art merchandise and original merchandise from major world museums with motifs of famous paintings.

Renoir Girl in a Lace Hat Kewpie Doll


This is a limited Girl in a Lace Hat edition of the popular Kewpie doll in various versions at tourist spots in Japan. The Pola Museum of Art Renoir Girl in a Lace Hat Kewpie, wears a bracelet and has a green waist band, just like the figure in the painting. It is a unique Kewpie product.

Monet Water Lilies Kewpie Doll


The Monet Water Lilies motif Kewpie doll, wearing a hat of pink water lily petals, is daintily positioned on a water lily leaf. Fine workmanship can be seen in the leaf details and petal color graduation.

Monet Water Lilies cookies


These lovely authentic French cookies are redolent of fresh butter. They are presented in four flavors - chocolate, caramel nut, tea, and orange and packaged in a beautiful metal container printed in the pattern of Monet’s Water Lilies.

Renoir Girl in a Lace Hat Dragées


Packaged in an attractive metal container with a replica of Renoir’s Girl in a Lace Hat (1891), these savory chocolate covered almond dragées, with their crisp pastel sugar coating, are a constant favorite.

Monet Water Lilies Umbrella


The pattern of water lilies is printed on both the inside and outside of the Monet Water Lilies Umbrella so that the person using the umbrella can also enjoy the bright mood of the motif.