Masterpieces of the Pola Museum of Art

Western Paintings

Mar. 23(Sat)-Jul. 28(Sun), 2019
The Pola Museum of Art, located in the rich natural surroundings of national parkland away from the congestion of urban life, is committed to providing visitors with a tranquil and inspiring space of beauty and art. The Museum collection of around 400 excellent examples of Western painting spans from 19th century Impressionism to 20th century abstract art. This exhibition introduces paintings of female elegance and landscape paintings of natural beauty in the 19th century and the development of symphonies of color and form in the 20th century.

ルノワール《レースの帽子の少女》243 294

Pierre Auguste Renoir, Girl in a Lace Hat, 1891

ドガ_休息する二人の踊り子421 294

Edgar Degas, Two Dancers Resting, ca .1900-1905

モネ《睡蓮》280 294

Claude Monet, Water Lilies, 1907

ルノワール《水浴の後》401 304

Pierre Auguste Renoir, After the Bath, 1915

セザンヌ《アルルカン》229 304

Paul Cézanne, Harlequin, 1888-1890

カンディンスキー《支え無し》294 304

Wassily Kandinsky, Without Support, 1923