Jikkuri 11 Find out

Dec. 8 (Sat),2018- Mar. 17 (Sun), 2019



“Is it difficult to understand a painting?”

No special knowledge is necessary to view a painting. A painting has infinite possibilities, and each person may freely approach a painting in their own way. But what if someone would like guidance on what to observe in a painting and how to observe it? JIKKURI is an exhibition that offers that and a chance to be effortlessly drawn into the world of a painting. We hope you will be able to take some time to be with a painting, and to experience it rather than being concerned with analyzing it.

JIKKURI is a special exhibition with some observing device  in the collection room.

Jikkuri 11 Find out

Paintings contain many elements.
If you take the time to look carefully, you will find many things such as color and shape, various different objects and different painting techniques.
‘Jikkuri’ (taking time to look carefully) gives you a chance to ‘find out.’
We have prepared some questions to help you to think about how to view and more deeply appreciate paintings.

Step 1. Take time to look at the painting carefully and answer the questions displayed on the screen.
Step 2. Write you answer on the paper provided.
Step 3. Compare your answers to the answers of other people.