Masterpieces of the Pola Museum of Art, Glasswork

Mar. 18(Sat), 2017- Sept. 24(Sun), 2017

Welcome to the Gallé’s woods !

Introduced here are superb examples of glassworks by French Art Nouveau artist Emile Gallé (1846 – 1904) from the Pola Museum of Art collection. Art Nouveau is characterized by curvilinear motifs evoking natural organic forms. As a leading artist of the Art Nouveau movement, Gallé’s innovative
‘new art’ designs literally took the world by storm.
Gallé carved the words “Our roots are in the depths of the woods…” on his studio door. For Gallé, plants growing in the woods were a source of inspiration for his art and, furthermore, symbolic of the mystery of life. This exhibition introduces the meaning of ‘woods’ for Gallé, an artist well versed in botany and biology.


Emile Gallé, Vase with Poppy Design, ca.1900


Emile Gallé, Vase with Bleeding Heart Design, ca.1895


Emile Gallé, Vase with Chrysanthemum Design, ca.1900


Emile Gallé, Lamp with Hydrangea Design, 1904-1906


Emile Gallé, Vase with Orchid Design, ca.1898


Emile Gallé, Two Handled Vase with Orchid Design, ca.1896