JIKKURI 06 Looking at a Painting from Different Angles

Mar.16 (Wed)- Sep. 4 (Sun), 2016




“Is it difficult to understand a painting?”

No special knowledge is necessary to view a painting. A painting has infinite possibilities, and each person may freely approach a painting in their own way. But what if someone would like guidance on what to observe in a painting and how to observe it? JIKKURI is an exhibition that offers that and a chance to be effortlessly drawn into the world of a painting. We hope you will be able to take some time to be with a painting, and to experience it rather than being concerned with analyzing it.

JIKKURI is a special exhibition with some observing device  in the collection room.

Jikkuri 06 Looking at a Painting from Different Angles

We usually look at a painting in a museum by standing directly in front of it.
Let’s try something different. How about getting right up close and viewing the painting from bottom to top, or moving far away and standing on something that makes us taller? How about looking at the painting while sitting, or from a position lying on the floor?
And then try to feel the movement of the camels and donkeys, and sense the vast desert stretching far in the distance.