René Lalique and 20th Century Perfume Bottles

Apr.1 (Wed), 2015 -Sep. 27 (Sun), 2015

Among the various types of containers for cosmetics, perfume bottles are the most elaborate in design. They are created to reflect an image inspired by the name of the perfume and of the scent contained within. The history of perfume dates back more than 2000 years, but it was not until the 19th century, with the development of synthetic fragrances, that perfume became available to the general public. Perfume bottles were initially solid folk-craft articles, but gradually become more sophisticated and refined, and even playful or toy-like. Displayed here are 20th century perfume bottles, designed mainly by René Lalique. As a glass artist, Lalique conveyed the charm of famous brand name perfumes and also designed perfume bottles as fashion accessories in shapes of miniature animals or personal belongings.

ルネ・ラリック 《古代の琥珀》

René Lalique, Ambre Antique, Coty, Model executed in 1910


René Lalique, Bouchon Mùres, Coty, Model executed in 1920

ルネ・ラリック 《ダン・ラニュイ(真夜中に)》

René Lalique, Dans La Nuit, Worth, Model executed in 1924

《クレールフォンテーヌ》 澄んだ泉

René Lalique, Clairefontaine,Model executed in 1931

スキャパレリ 《ショッキング》

Leonor Fini, Shocking, Elsa Schiaparelli, 1937


Diorling,Bottle Design: Baccarrat, Christian Dior, 1963