Picasso: Five Themes

Mar.18 (Sat), 2006 – Sep.17 (Sun), 2006
The exhibition Picasso: Five Themes is introduce its entire collection of the works of Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century.

Through his protean depictions of people and things, Picasso made pioneering explorations of painting’s every possibility. Beginning with Mother and Child by the Sea (1902), from his Blue Period and Head of a Girl in a Hat Decorated with Grapes (1913) from his Cubist era, the Pola Museum of Art has been collecting works that chart the many transformations Picasso achieved, from youth to his later years. In order to home in on the sources of Picasso’s creativity, the exhibition also show swork by Paul Cézanne, one of his great influences, and by his close friend Georges Braque.

Since its opening in September 2002, The Pola Museum of Art has sought to introduce the strengths of its holdings through special exhibitions of nineteenth century Western painting and Japanese Western-style painting. This will be our first occasion to shine a light on our collected works of modern art by focusing on one particular artist, Pablo Picasso. The exhibition will explore the intrinsic qualities of Picasso’s art through five themes: “Blue Period: Barcelona-Paris”; “Cubism in Horta de Ebro”; “Picasso and Braque: Still Life”; “Sacred Love and Profane Love: Picasso and Women”; and “Picasso and the Spanish Tradition.” In addition, we will present Picasso’s literary side via his illustrated books. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy the magic of this master’s wide-ranging art.