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Western Paintings & Sculptures

Modern art underwent rapid transformations, mainly in France, during the period from the 19th to the early 20th century. The Pola Museum of Art collection is centered on a core of around 400 modern Western paintings dating from that time. These holdings include around 100 Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, and Néo-Impressionist paintings and around 100 paintings that reflect the currents of modern art – paintings by the Néo-Classicists Ingres, the Romanticist painter Delacroix, by artists of the École de Paris group gathered in Paris from other countries in the 1920s, abstract painter Kandinsky, and Surrealist painters.
Art collector and founder of the Pola Orbis Group Suzuki Tsuneshi (1930–2000) built the Pola Museum of Art collection with a focus particularly on Monet, who set the benchmark for the Impressionist painters, Renoir, who painted with a zest for the joy of life, and Picasso, whose influence on contemporary painting is decisive until today.
The Pola Museum of Art has in its collection 19 paintings by Monet, 16 by Renoir, along with a letter written by the artist, 19 by Picasso, 176 by Léonard Foujita, 9 by Degas, and 3 by Van Gogh, in each case outnumbering holdings in other Japanese museums.


Pierre Auguste Renoir, Girl in Lace Hat, 1891

Around Impressionism

Claude Monet, Water Lily Pond, 1899


Vincent van Gogh, Flower Vase with Thistles, 1890

Ecole de Paris

Amedeo Modigliani, Portrait of Lunia Czechowska, 1917

Twentieth-century paintings

Wassily Kandinsky, Without Support 1923