Restaurant “Array”

Diners can enjoy impressive Hakone mountain views through the restaurant’s floor to ceiling windows, or from terrace seating outdoors. European cuisine is served in a relaxed atmosphere.

Opening hours 11:00 – 16:00


Aray course


・Today's amuse
・Today's catch
・Beef stew with red wine sauce
・Bread or Rice
・Coffee,Tea or Herbe tea
・Dessert Please choose from the following two selections
 1.Raspberry Mousse
 2.Restaurant Array's special dessert "Water Lilies"
  ("Water Lilies" gets the extra charge of 150 yen)

Lunch Set


・Main dish (Please choose cooking among the following menu)
1. Today’s Catch
2. Harb bread-crumbs of chicken
3. Beef stew with Red Wine Sauce beef stew gets the extra charge : 220 yen
・Vegetable soup
・Bread or Rice
・Coffee or Tea

Healthy low calorie course


・Vegetables and seafood cooked in a bamboo steamer dish
・Coffee or Tea

TABLE FOR TWO is a socially conscious movement that seeks to simultaneously address the problems of malnutrition in developing and obesity in developed nations. The Pola Museum of Art is the first museum in Japan to seriously institute this program. Our TABLE FOR TWO menu is a nutritionally balanced low-calorie meal suitable for avoiding lifestyle diseases related to obesity. Twenty yen from the price of the meal is reserved for donation through TABLE FOR TWO International to school lunches in developing countries where children are suffering from hunger. By choosing the TABLE FOR TWO menu, you can enjoy a delicious healthy meal and also contribute to balanced lunches for school children in developing countries.

Casual Plate

Pola Museum of Art Original Seafood Curry


Pola Museum of Art Original Seafood Curry is a popular dish. It is somewhat spicy, with seafood, chicken dumplings, and vegetables in a creamy curry sauce. The seafood and vegetables are prepared separately to assure the tenderness of the seafood.

Seafood Rice Noodles


Our recommendation for a healthy light meal of rice noodles with clam stock soup. Accompanying condiments are served on the side to add as you wish.

  1. Hamburger Steak ¥1,510
  2. Today’s Pasta ¥1,400
  3. Beef Stew with Red Wine Sauce ¥1,830
  4. Wild duck confit ¥1,610
  5. Today’s Catch ¥1,610
  6. Bread or Rice ¥370

Japanese food

Chirashi sushi set


Squid, salmon, and salmon roe bara chirashi sushi, and soba noodles

Set Menu

  1. Drink set
    (Coffee or Tea)
    ※Only with a meal
  2. Salad set
    (Small salad and Coffee or Tea)
  3. Soup set
    (Cup Soup and Coffee or Tea)
  4. Ice Cream set
    (Ice Cream and Coffee or Tea)

Side Order

  1. Vegetable Soup ¥370
  2. Seasonal Salad ¥860

Special dessert

Water Lilies


A lychee gelée dessert with fruits and edible flowers, serving non-alcohol sparkling wine.

Drink set (Coffee or Tea) ¥1,280



Apple tart and ice cream with colorful sauces all included on a palette plate.

Drink set (Coffee or Tea) ¥1,440

Raspberry Mousse


Enjoy a pie-themed presentation combining raspberry and pistachio sauce with chilled mousse.

Drink set (Coffee or Tea) ¥1,160

Drink Menu

  1. Draft beer
  2. Bottled beer
  3. Glass wine
  4. Sparkling wine Rose
  5. Non-Alcohol Sparkling wine Rose
  6. Non-Alcohol Beer
  1. Coffee or Tea(Hot/Ice) ¥520
  2. Perrier ¥530
  3. Coca-cola ¥530
  4. Orange Juice ¥550
  5. Grapefruit Juice ¥550
  6. Tomato Juice ¥550
  7. Caffe Latte(Hot/Ice) ¥700
  8. Cappuccino ¥700
  9. Herbal Tea ¥700